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THE KOSMICK GUIDE commentary is now being offered only to subscribers of this site.  But regardless of what you may read, I encourage you to go beyond whatever you find there.  It is essential to state that you are never limited by what an astrologer may or may not say.  Use what you read as you would a weather forecast knowing that the pattern in play can be used, enjoyed or downplayed depending on what you are prepared to bring to the occasion.  Learn to live in the truth of the moment and you’ll soon discover that whatever life brings your way, you can handle it.  Pay attention to your intuition.  It is your truest friend and a bastion of inner strength and wisdom.


WHETHER YOU ARE a Celestial Water-Bearer by birth, have your Moon, Ascendant or ruling planet in this sign or have a ‘loaded’ Eleventh House in your chart, Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and man’s humanity.  It is the mythic marker of liberation and personal freedom.  For all of us, somewhere, somehow a part of our life gets remodelled with the Sun’s passage here.  Around January 19-20 until February 18-19 we all get a chance to experience the Aquarius force as it brings a chance to awaken to a better version of you.  Somewhere in your daily life you will feel this because everybody has “Aquarius” somewhere in their astrological chart.  When the Sun, our solar star, lights up this sector, you too light up and can partake in the dance of originality.  Even if you are not a Heavenly Man by birth date, take a test drive on some of the qualities and suggestions below if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be an Aquarian.


  1.  The mystical gem is the garnet.

  2.  Lucky day is Wednesday.

  3.  Make sure the numbers 8 and 4 are in your life.

  4.  Best colours are the pastels, especially blue and green.

  5   Busy and bustling cities are the best.

  6.  Fall in love with your legs and ankles.

  7.  Befriend your heart and all things emotional.

  8.  Stop being so aloof – you are, after all, human!

  9.  Strive to be an iconoclast in words or deeds.

10.  Create an organization you'd want to be a member of.

11. Your greatest liability is your inner critic.

12. Your greatest asset is your originality.


IF LEARNING A tidbit or two about what’s in store for you in the coming months tweaks your interest, why not indulge yourself and go for a deeper look into the fuller picture of what’s coming. No matter how crazy or catastrophic your life appears to be, the language of astrology can help to decode the complexity of any situation. Finding your current path and establishing new rhythms for balance are my primary focus when I translate the symbolism and patterns of your chart.   I promise you that if you begin to take action based on following the guidance of your internal compass with the celestial one, an empowered new you will emerge. If you haven’t already, check out all the cool services available at SESSIONS. Meanwhile enjoy the challenges that flow around you.  Life is never simple and it is often hard.  Were it not so, we would not know ourselves as well or the great strengths that lie within waiting to be awakened.

DEPENDING on where you were born on the planet and at what time, you could be a late Capricorn or an early Pisces if your birthday falls on either January 19-20 or February 18-19.  If you’re not sure there are many free horoscope sites on the net that will calculate your natal birth chart for you.  One of my favourite sites, especially if you're interested in finding fellow birthday travellers, is Astrotheme.   And if you'd like a more personal touch, I will be happy to calculate your birth chart for you and if you later decide to have it interpreted, all the better.  For now if you wish to have your chart calculated, send me a request at my email at  From antiquity, the planets, stars and their stories continue to light our way, helping us navigate the deep waters that carry us along on our journey through life. 


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